Different lasercleaning technologies - The equipment for safe laser cleaning of anilox roll

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LaserEcoClean in comparison to competitors laser cleaning.

There are several companies in Europe involved in laser cleaning business. Most of them use outdated lasers with beam focused to a rather big spot, or a “sliding line” technology with slowly rotating anilox roll. Such method can lead to appearance of unrefined, overheated areas because of improper overlapping of laser spots.

In LaserEcoClean system we use modern laser, focused to a rather small spot and uniform energy distribution in pulse. It enables us to form the energetic parameters at each point of the roll that guarantee the complete removal of residues with no damage to the ceramic surface of the roll.

Outdated technology. 400x magnification visualizes the pattern of dark (unrefined) and light (overheated) areas.

LaserEcoClean™. 400x magnification shows the roll before cleaning (left) and after cleaning (right). Superb cleaning.

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