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We have been specialising in laser cleaning of anilox rolls since 2010. Our LaserEcoClean technology has satisfied  more than 600 clients in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Portugal, CIS Countries and Turkey.

You can clean anilox rolls for flexo, offset and corrugated board presses with LaserEcoClean. The LaserEcoClean technology we offer is very efficient; It eliminates all residues accumulated in the anilox roll cells (dried inks, varnishes, etc.) with no damage to the ceramics. You can ship the rolls to our office in Hanau, Germany or invite our mobile cleaning team to your facility. Anilox rolls and sleeves from 100 to 2500mm in length are cleaned off-line, while rolls 5500mm-long are cleaned in-line.

Our staff consists of well qualified specialists in laser technologies and printing industry.
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