Safe laser cleaning of anilox rolls - The equipment for safe laser cleaning of anilox roll

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We have been involved in laser cleaning business since 2010.

We have more than 200 clients. Nowadays we can guarantee the safety of laser cleaning due to LaserEcoClean™ technology.

Examination of Safety.

During the process of laser cleaning of an anilox roll, the roll surface warms up to 500°C, which is much lower than ceramics melting point. Thus we guarantee the safety of our laser cleaning method.
To estimate laser effect on the ceramics we have performed  40 LaserEcoClean™ procedures on one anilox roll.
Bellow you can find pictures of the cells of this anilox roll before cleaning and after 40 cleanings. Pictures visualize no damage to the surface of the roll. Big cracks and cavities of 1 to 10 µm in size remain the same in shape and configuration. Such result is achieved by properly determined speed of laser cleaning.

                            Before cleaning

After 40 times of laser cleaning

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