Chemestry cleaning - The equipment for safe laser cleaning of anilox roll

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LaserEcoClean™ in comparison to Chemical Wash

We have kindly asked one of the printers our regular customer, to compare 2 methods of thorough cleaning Laser Cleaning and Chemical Wash.

We picked up
an anilox roll with a 340 l/cm screen, 4.9 cm³/m² volume, 1 year in operation, with all necessary regular cleanings performed during the year.

First we cleaned the roll using chemical wash, the next day we cleaned only half of the roll using LaserEcoClean technology. After that we checked the amount of transferred ink by weighing the roll and measured optical density with a densitometer. Solid patches of each ink printed before chemical wash, after chemical wash and after laser cleaning were measured from 6 to 7 times all over printing area.


Anilox roll before cleaning Dr=1.3, 400x magnification.


Anilox roll after chemical wash. The 400x magnification shows the residue varnished chemically but not completely removed from deep and narrow cells of the high screen count roll. The picture was taken in polarized light to make the ink glow.

Вал до очистки Cobra. Увеличение x400.


Anilox roll after chemical wash and printing solid patches. The ink has accumulated in cells again. Adhesion of the new ink to the dried one is much higher than adhesion to absolutely clean cells. Dr=1.42


Anilox roll after LaserEcoClean™. The 400x magnification visualizes shining bottoms of the cells. Dr=1.63. Cleaning effect lasts for more than 4 months.

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