The brilliant bottoms of anilox rolls - The equipment for safe laser cleaning of anilox roll

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The result of cleaning – regain of ink transfer performance similar to a new roll

Print quality depends on the anilox volume and ink preparation. That is why thorough cleaning of anilox rolls is very important for good printing results. After LaserEcoClean the roll volume comes to roll's original specification and the user enjoys quality printing.

Traditional methods of cleaning normally used by companies in many cases do not result in 100% cleaning and sometimes can even damage the roll engraving. Micropictures of anilox after laser cleaning performed by our specialists show the absolute clearness of cell bottoms. LaserEcoClean removes all contaminations, accumulated on cell bottoms with no damage to the structure of the roll surface. Our clients confirm that such brilliant results can only be achieved by LaserEcoClean.

Passportisation (compiling the protocol)
Visual inspection of laser cleaning is performed with digital metallographic microscope at magnification up to 400x. The pictures of cells taken before and after thorough cleaning show that contamination is completely removed from the bottom, walls and bridges of the cells. No micro cracks appear on the cells either.
Every cleaned roll receives a roll passport (protocol), which includes the following data:
- Photographic documentation: Pictures of the bottom of the cells before and after cleaning (quality control), Pictures of the bridges of the cells before and after cleaning (safety control)
- Anilox specifications: Screen frequency, Cell depth

Cleaning result, 340 L/cm, magnification 400x

Roll before cleaning

Roll after cleaning

How often is thorough cleaning of anilox required?

Not all printers clean their anilox rolls in a timely manner, and many of them do not perform thorough cleaning. Most printers cannot determine the exact condition of their anilox rolls. In some cases it happens due to lack of time and staff. Others just do not have access to efficient technologies.
Research in flexo printing showed that after one year of operation an anilox roll is contaminated up to 20%. Thus we recommend to perform laser cleaning of anilox rolls twice a year.

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