Mobile cleaning - The equipment for safe laser cleaning of anilox roll

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 Mobile Cleaning Service we are ready to clean your anilox park right at your premises

LaserEcoClean service is available at any place in the EU. You can ship us your rolls or we can come to your premises and clean your entire anilox park using our Mobile Cleaning System.

We guarantee prompt and efficient service that can save your money (no shipment expenses) and minimize printing press downtime - anilox rolls are cleaned off-line and can go directly to the press afterwards. Due to high speed of cleaning we are able to clean up to 15 rolls (1360 mm in length) in 10 hours.

 In-line cleaning

In cases when anilox roll is very heavy (over 180kg) or it is too strenuous to take it out from the press, we can clean it directly in the press. Normally we use in-line cleaning with corrugated board presses.

With this method we can work with rolls up to 5500mm long. Rotation of the roll is performed by the customer in this case. There are several well known printers that use our in-line LaserEcoClean service: Smurfit Kappa, Stora Enso and Ilim Group.

Technical data:

Assembling: ca. 1 hour
Dismantling: ca. 45 min
Cleaning speed: 1 and a half hour for a 3000mm-long anilox roll
Reassembling to another printing unit: 20 min
Reassembling to a press of another type ca. 1 hour

Cleaning results:

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