F.A.Q. about LaserEcoClean - The equipment for safe and eco-friendly laser cleaning of anilox roll.
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+ 49 1767 791 02 92
+ 49 1767 791 02 92
+ 49 1767 791 02 92
EN  |  DE  |  FR
 IT  |  ES  |  PL
+7 (921) 862-18-30
EN  |  DE  |  FR  |  IT  |  ES  |  PL
EN  |  DE  |  FR  |  IT  |  ES  |  PL
EN  |  DE  |  FR  |  IT  |  ES  |  PL
+ 7 (921) 862-18-30
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About us

1. Do you burn out ink from the cells?
No, the laser mode we use to clean anilox rolls is based on thermo-mechanics. Short laser pulses heat up the deposits accumulated in cells of the roll much faster than the ceramic surface of the roll. Thus, the laser breaks the adhesion of the ink to the ceramics and removes all dirt from the cells of the roll. The torch that can be seen during laser cleaning comes from the separated particles of dried ink that burn down above the ceramic surface of the roll. Any smoke or dust residue that appears during the process is captured by a small extractor.

2. Do you deepen/liquate/break/damage the ceramic surface of the roll?
No, the mode we use to clean anilox rolls is absolutely safe.
Before we started our business in 2010 we had been testing the system for a year in order to ascertain the appropriate laser cleaning mode. In 2013 we have launched our fully automated patented LaserEcoClean technology.
The equipment/method we use is very precise, with accuracy of up to 50 mkm. This enables us to maintain the preset mode on rolls over 1400 mm in length.
Our employees are specialists in laser technology and printing industry.
LaserEcoClean technology is the safest method of cleaning anilox rolls, due to the automated permanent control of quality and safety of the process.
Every roll we work with receives the roll passport that contains pictures of the roll before and after laser cleaning. To confirm the safety of LaserEcoClean 400x magnification visualizes no damage caused by the cleaning procedure.

3. Do you remove ink from each individual cell?
No, the laser beam we use is focused to a 100 mkm spot, so several cells are cleaned at a time, depending on screen counts. Appropriate laser mode enables us to clean the bottoms of the cells with no damage to the bridges.

4. Do you damage thin bridges of high screen count rolls?
No, we don’t damage the bridges. Appropriate laser mode enables us to clean the bottoms of the cells with no damage to the bridges. The laser beam heats up the ink at 400-600 degrees Celsius, which is much lower than 1500 degrees of ceramic melting point and 3000 degrees Celsius of ceramic ablation during laser engraving of the surface of the roll.

5. Are there printers that have used your service more than twice?
We have been on the market since 2010 and of course we do have regular customers. Some of them have used our service more than 20 times since then. Normally our customers thoroughly clean their entire anilox park 1-2 times a year.  

6. How long does the laser cleaning effect last?
During LaserEcoClean procedure, contamination is removed not only from the bottoms of the cells, but also from all caverns and grooves on the surface of the roll. After the laser cleaning your roll is cleansed from all organic and polymeric deposits, and the function of the roll is completely restored to its original specification. Of course wear and tear and mechanical damage that occurred before cleaning cannot be recovered.
There are several factors that can cause the build-up of dried deposits:
what kind of deposit remover do you use in your daily cleaning routine?
how carefully is the weekly and monthly cleaning procedure carried out?
What kind of ink you use and how big are the runs (printings)?
If you follow the average cleaning requirements from the anilox roll manufacturers and clean rolls on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, than you can use thorough cleaning only twice a year. According to our research, an anilox roll becomes clogged with deposits up to 10-20% during this period. And this can result in poor quality of printing.
Monthly cleaning will maintain your anilox park in perfect condition.

7. Who is the manufacture of LaserEcoClean equipment?
We have designed and manufactured all LaserEcoClean equipment. The equipment is patented and certified. Laser Hazard Class 1.

8. In our presses we use ultrasonic cleaning and chemical wash. Do we need to laser clean?
You can refer to the cleaning results we publish on our site. The information was kindly provided by our customers that have compared LaserEcoClean results with Ultrasonic and Chemical cleanings.

9. Can we have your service if our factory is outside Germany?
If you have less than 10 rolls in your business, you can ship them all together or in parts to our office in Hanau. We will clean them and send them back next business day. If your anilox park numbers more than 15 rolls, we suggest ordering our LaserEcoClean Mobile Cleaning Service.

10. What is the safest crate for shipping anilox rolls?
We recommend shipping your anilox rolls in wooden or carton boxes. Shaft necks should be fixed for safety. Ceramic surface should be covered with safety cloth.

XX. We do not believe in complete and safe cleaning with laser, but would like to try cleaning 1 or 2 rolls.
We recommend sending us 2 most dirty and shabby rolls. Before shipping please put them in press and measure the solid patches of each ink printed. When you receive the rolls after LaserEcoClean, measure the solid patches of each ink printed again. Compare your measurements before and after cleaning to see the difference in print quality.

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