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Types of anilox rolls:
Anilox rolls and sleeves with working length from 100 to 1700mm.
Diameter of anilox rolls:
from 100 to 300 mm.
Cleaning speed:
Up to 1 meter in 10 minutes
Maximum weight:
Up to 50 kg.
Power consumption:
2 kWt.
Width x height x depth and weight:
2500х1150х1500 mm, 1000 kg.
Simple handling.
It takes less than one minute to put the sleeve into the cleaning equipment.
It takes around two minutes to put the anilox roll into the cleaning equipment and you do not need to remove bear gearing or gear-wheel from the roll.
No special knowledge or skills are required.
All anilox roll in your printing facilities are stored in our LEC Cloud DB.
Every roll receives a unique number – one letter and one digit.
Cleaning parameters for each roll are already selected under the consideration of rolls diameter, width, line screen, ink transfer volume and surface type.
Your employee puts the roll into the equipment, brings the unique number e.g. B52 in and starts the cleaning.
The data of your anilox rolls is stored for the entire lifetime of the equipment.
Store data for the entire life of the machine.
After the cleaning all data about cleaned anilox roll, cleaning parameter and appearing errors is automatically stored in the LEC Cloud DB.
All employees who have login and password have access to the LEC Cloud DB via Web-Browser.
You can see all working parameters online, e.g. you can see the reaming time of the cleaning.
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