Microscope for measurments of anilox rolls - The equipment for safe and eco-friendly laser cleaning of anilox roll.
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+ 49 1767 791 02 92
+ 49 1767 791 02 92
+ 49 1767 791 02 92
EN  |  DE  |  FR
 IT  |  ES  |  PL
+7 (921) 862-18-30
EN  |  DE  |  FR  |  IT  |  ES  |  PL
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+ 7 (921) 862-18-30
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Microscope for measurments of anilox rolls

Lenses included:
100х, 200х, 400х, 800х.
Diameter range of anilox rolls:
from 100 to 400 mm.
Measurement of the line screen:
from 80 to 450  lpi
Measurement of the cell depth:
from 5 to 120 micron.
Digital camera 3 Мр:
Compatibility with battery pack:
Measurement of cells volume:
Compatibility with LEC Cloud DB:
You will be always sure in cleaning quality and safety.
The LEC Micro was developed specially to supervise the safety of the LaserEcoClean technology.
After each cleaning our customers receive a pdf protocol with microscopic photos of the cells, so you always can see that the cells are absolutely clean and intact. These photos are made with LEC Micro.
The magnification of our optics allows you to see the bridges of the cells with line screen up to 450 lpi.
Optical measurement of the cells depth.
In LEC Micro the zoom control is applied in order to determine the cells depth.
On the microscope is located precision depth measuring sensor. The accuracy of the sensor is less than 1 micron.
By entering changed parameters into the data base, you will receive the calculated cells volume of the anilox roll.
High magnification photos of the cells bridges.
In order to make high quality pictures the usb camera is used.
You can keep all pictures in the LEC Cloud DB for the entire lifetime of the equipment.
The database enables to prepare the protocols as pdf documents.
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