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Types of anilox rolls:
Anilox rolls and sleeves with working length from 100 to 2400mm.
Diameter of anilox rolls:
from 100 to 400 mm.
Cleaning speed:
Up to 1 meter in 20 minutes
Maximum weight:
Up to 600 kg.
Power consumption:
2 kWt.
Width x height x depth and weight:
5385х1325х1349 mm, 2750 kg.
Highly Reliable.
LEC600 was designed to enable you to clean anilox rolls with weight up to 600 kg.
All elements of equipment were calculated to perform 24/7
Saves your production space.
LEC600 doors do not exceed the sizes of the equipment neither in high nor in length.
Simple, safe and fast.
LEC600 has all technical features from LEC50.
Power consumption only 2 kW.
No special knowledge from your personnel is required.
All data is stored into the equipment and automatically sets up by starting the cleaning.
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